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Cloud Notes (iOS App)

The final design approved by the client in April 2018. The app is now currently under iOS development

Cloud Notes is designed to be a notepad/diary and journal app. Not only can you store notes, but you can take and attach media such as pictures to go alongside your notes. Everything will be synced via a private cloud network so you can access your notes on multiple different devices 24/7.


Genesis Prints (iOS App)

The initial mockup

One of the points of contention was over the placement of the menu. In the end I decided, with buy in from the team, to move the menu to a hamburger style menu which popped out from the left side. There were several reasons for this.

Firstly, the product owner had not fully decided whether the app was going to be exclusively to iOS or if they wanted to migrate it across to Android. The Hamburger menu would allow require less migration work for the developers if they chose to replicate the app for Android down the line.

Secondly, the hamburger menu allows for more options to be added, whereas the traditonal iOS bottom menu would feel cramped if you wanted to add more than 4 options at the bottom.

Lastly, by moving to a hamburger menu that displays the meny from the left hand side of the screen, gave us back valuable real estate space at the bottom of the screen allowing us to display more items.

The final high-fidelity prototype signed off by the client as well as the colour palette.


Rebecca Clark Designs

Rebecca is an interior designer who approached me at the start of the year wanting a new website. Upon analysis of the current site, I discovered the following issues:

*  Site menu is overwhelming, text heavy and confusing.

* A lot of repeated content scattered through out.

* Rebecca also mentioned was she was failing to get engagement on her site.

The goal

So the goal for this project was to build a new site from scratch for the Rebecca Clark Designs. The brief included:

* A sleek new website onto a Wordpress platform, allowing the client to edit the content of the pages themselves. * To decrease site confusion, while improving information architecture.

To conclude;

I vastly improved the information architecture, making the site clearer, which now runs on wordpress so the client can edit the content easily, and the website is now more engaging for the end user. I created a visually pleasing site that met the clients goals and was aligned with the tone and feel they wanted to evoke.


Andy MacArthur

Andy MacArthur is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Edinburgh who specialises in treating acute stress, panic attacks and depression. The Challenge

The client, Andy had felt that his site was getting alot of traffic but very low conversion.

Upon analysis, the previous website was very unclear with no real call to action. The confusing layout meant it was not obvious what action the user was supposed to take. Therefore, it was easy for them to get lost in unessential information/pages. The overall navigation of the site was not user friendly.

In our initial consultation, Andy mentioned he was very concerned because he did not know what was "putting" people off his services.

The Objective

Andy's goal was more business from his website. He has a sales background so all we needed to do get potential customers interested enough to give him a phone call and he could do the rest.

The Solution

When I initially started on the project, I noticed there was no analytics for us to base our research on.

So the first thing we did was add Google analytics to his website and let it run for a month.

Andy's initial concern proved to be correct. He was getting a high number of visitors to his website (over 1,000 views a month). However only 0.5% of people were actually signing up for a consultation.

To correct this, I created a very simple design applying basic principles of Human Computer Interaction: so that users were funnelled into taking the action that we wanted them to take (i.e. getting in touch with Andy). We migrated the content and data from his old site because the content was good, however what Andy needed was better information architecture which is what we built the site around.

In the month that followed the website being launched, Andy contacted me to let me know that he was receiving significantly more phone calls than he was previously.

The final live design can be seen by going to: www.altitudemediamanagement.co.uk/am


Gas Care Domestic

GasCare domestic are an emerging brand with an outstanding word-of-mouth reputation as one of the best plumbing and heating services in Edinburgh. Led by Sean Harper, the company began looking for growth strategies to take their business to the next level, approaching Altitude Media Management for their marketing consultancy services. Having failed to close several high-ticket commercial jobs (losing them to larger plumbing/heating firms), it was decided that the way forward would be to create a solid online presence to showcase their already solid reputation.

The Challenge: A simple, powerful site with a limited budget and timeframe

Altitude Media Management hired me to create a simple easy to use static site. The site had to be clean and friendly/relatable to residential clients while simultaneously being impressive to commercial clients.

The Approach

In the beginning GasCare were skeptical, having no knowledge of UX or digital marketing and were browsing other digital agencies who might be able to build the website, so Altitude needed to move quickly if they were to secure GasCare as a paying client. As a way of standing out above all other agencies, I suggested that I immediately create a mockup site, even prior to any contracts being signed, so that GasCare could, essentially ‘try before they buy’, which would be delivered in just 2 days. The deal was signed a week later.

Comparing Apples with Apples

Because tradesmen are stereotyped as being ‘cowboys’ and because their online presence can provide only a ‘promise’ of a good job, ‘not proof’ , Altitude instructed me that there was zero room for imperfections and glitches on the site, as potential customers would just immediately go to someone who presented themselves as more reliable. Upon researching Sean’s competition, I found that— although they had very robust and solid sites— they were all very similar and made the error of scattering important information, vital to selling the customer, throughout their website.

I designed a very simple and intuitive easy-to-use site so that customers would not be lost in the site or bogged down in the information. Applying principles of human computer interaction and direct response marketing myself and Altitude brainstormed a layout and text that would intuitively address the concerns and wants of the potentially customer from the moment that they arrived on the site.

I created a frontage layout that mapped to the subjective experience of the potential customer as they scrolled down the page aka ‘this is what we can do for you, this is why you should trust us, get in touch today’.

I tested the website rigorously across multiple browsers and devices to ensure that the website was both secure and correctly (and quickly).

The Result

"My wife is not easily impressed… but she was impressed with this”, Sean said after being sent a final draft of the site.

The GasCare domestic website is being used by Sean and his team in securing commercial clients. While I am still being given revision requests to make design and text elements, it has received 100% positive feedback from sean’s team, altitude and their business mentors for its ease of use and professional, yet causal tone.


AMM Digital

The Challenge

As a digital agency, Altitude Media Management required a website to act as:

- an ‘online business card’, giving weight to their in person sales presentations

- Educate and Sell clients who find them online

- Act as an ‘example’ of what they can provide

Altitude had a very specific set of criteria and knew exactly what they wanted it to look like, meaning that I had to work from their drawings and make it look exactly as they wanted it to. This would be easily enough done using a static site, with my solid experience in HTML, but the second front end web development challenge that presented itself was that the Altitude team needed something that required no coding experience to maintain so that they could rapidly make changes.

While the timeframe given was flexible and generous, the specs were not. The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Altitude as newly indoctrinated members of BNI, the largest networking organisation in the world, the team needed a site that was easy to navigate and quickly put across their professionalism and the services that they provided so that they could confidently stand side by side with business people who had, in many cases, 20-30 years more experience than themselves. With digital marketing being a nuanced and obscure medium to many business people, Altitude had access to 100’s of businesses that required their services - provided that they could present themselves and communicate well.

The Solution

I opted to create a Wordpress theme, plugins and widgets from scratch that were easy for them to use, while also ensuring that the site looked the way that they wanted it to look.

This required near constant iteration of ideas, viewing those ideas live, taking note of glitches, resolving them and then repeating this. I continually compared the look of the drawn designs and sample websites, which Altitude provided me with, to make sure that the sections of the website that I was building looked the way that they were supposed to.

The Result

Upon completion of the website— Along with business cards, logo designs and their business pitch— Altitude had everything that they needed to confidently network with experienced professionals.

Because I demonstrated to follow instructions to the letter and my ability to make their site look and behave exactly as envisioned; Altitude opted to keep me on as their freelance consultant, web designer and tester. We have collaborated on multiple projects together since then.


Combat Solutions

In 2017, Simon the founder and owner of Combat Solutions approached me asking for my advice on his website. His aim was to grow his business and get more referrals/clients from his website. He estimated around 5% of new signs ups were coming from his website. During my analysis of Simon's existing wesbite at the time, I discovered the following issues:

*  The website was not mobile responsive.

* The design was very dated and user friendly.

* There were other bugs and strange quirks of the site due to the way it was initially built.

* Finally the website was hard to maintain.

The solution:

To design and built a site from scratch using wordpress so the client could easily maintain the content going foward. The client also requested a Facebook plugin/feed on his site. This required some technical work but I made sure to get that in place.

The final website, can be accessed by going here: www.combatsolutions.co.uk